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What is CrowdPublish.TV?

CrowdPublish.TV is a platform for individuals or organizations who are doing purposeful work to host interactive livestream talk shows with colleagues and intellectually curious viewers. Whether your on or offline, you can collect donations and sell unique items that only you could offer to your viewers.

Want to have a significant influence over the growth of CrowdPublish.TV?
Become a Founding Host and lead meaningful talk shows. Founding Hosts have the opportunity to conduct talk shows with whomever they choose. Decide on a time, a topic, a guest, and encourage fans & donors to join in and ask questions!

Try it out! Message info@CrowdPublish.TV if you know someone who should become a Founding Host.

CrowdPublish.TV is a member of the ASU Venture Devils program.

Who we are

Founder: Lisa Schaefer, Ph.D.

Kristian Dolghier - Arizona State University
Annie Ferguson - University of Virginia
Elaine Chandras - Arizona State University / NYC
Monica Gunkle - American University
Madison Vialpando - University of Nevada - Reno

User Experience Designers:
John Fassold
Emily Kochi
Judicael Tombo

Software engineers:
Prachi Miyan
Chris Adams
AJ Asa
Gabe Gulbransen
Jacob Hreshchyshyn
Jiwon Kim
Robert Haas