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What we are

Imagine going to a party where you can drop in to many conversations. When you arrive, you talk to people who are in Japan, New York, Denmark, and Mexico City - and you didn't even have to get on a plane. is creating an online platform for thought-provoking conversations. We're building conversation communities for Faith, Tech, and International topics. Join the Conversation LIVE on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings to discuss intellectual topics affecting your life & invite your friends! Feel free to add your own conversations to the schedule. is a member of the ASU Venture Devils program.

Who we are


Lisa Schaefer earned her Ph.D. in systems engineering at Arizona State University, was a research engineer at a think tank in Washington, DC, and taught courses at several universities. Dr. Schaefer has several years of project management experience. She completed graduate level courses in screenwriting and video production and is the writer/producer of Budget Justified, a movie about women in technology, and Lisa's 80s Catholic High School Movie. She volunteers for Life Teen at St. Theresa Church.

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We're seeking enthusiastic interns & volunteers who are passionate about thought-provoking conversations about Technology, Faith, and International Cultures. Interested? Curious? Let us know!

User Experience Designers:

Maria Manaog - Arizona State University

Software Engineers:

Travis Qing - Arizona State University
Jason Wu - Arizona State University
Peter Lyssikatos - Regis University
Hulbert Zeng - University of California, Riverside

Past Interns:
Gianmarco Minin - GoDaddy
Roni Polus - Connexta
AJ Asa - Charles Schwab
Prachi Miyan - First Solar
Gabe Gulbransen - Mobivity
Chris Adams - FEFA
Cody Karunas
Robert Haas
Jacob Hreshchyshen
Tristan Soto