Frequently Asked Questions is developing a platform for live online thought-provoking conversations. We're forming a movement to foster a thought-provoking culture in live video conversations. Get involved!

WHAT IS THINQ.TV is like a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout, except that people can drop in to the conversation from the home page Schedule of Conversations instead of having to be invited with a link. Please browse the current schedule and drop in to any of the conversations posted to get an idea of what you could do on the platform. You may also post your own conversation.

We aim to eventually have 24/7 conversation channels for a wide variety of thought-provoking topics. We encourage you to host conversations about your own topics and invite interested individuals and organizations.


    Conversations - Conversations on all topics are permitted. We’re fostering a culture of intelligent thought, fellowship, and empathy. We encourage talking with people and listening, rather than the typical norm of internet video where one person talks at people.

    Donations - Conversation Hosts, such as churches, parents organizations, schools, women's organizations, etc., can receive donations in the sidebar during and after conversations. Hosts may also sell downloads of ebooks or other writings and other items that they would fulfill.

  • What do I do if my browser isn't accessing my mic or webcam?

    Please try using Chrome or Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer are often incompatible with any site's Conversations. You may need to update your version of Chrome or Firefox. Another option would be to download the JITSI meet app and

  • Can I broadcast from my phone?

    Yes. Please install the Jitsi app and enter the chatroom named 'ThinQtv'.

  • How do I host a conversation?

    1. Create an account
    2. Come up with a topic and a few talking points. Please do not write a script.
    3. Invite several people to have the conversation with you.
    4. Share the link to the conversation on social media through the share buttons on the home page schedule.
    5. Announce your show to your email list - be sure to include the time & link.
    6. Personally invite 5 colleagues to join the Conversation - people are more likely to respond to a personal invitation.
    7. When starting the Conversation, call a few people through the viewer to have them participate.
    8. Follow the steps in "How can I record my conversation to YouTube?" to get set up to record your conversation on YouTube so you can embed it on your page.

  • How much does it cost to use

    Nothing! is free to sign up, host a live conversation, post donation buttons, post items to sell, schedule a show, and record the show to YouTube.

    Conversation Hosts receive approximately 92% of each transaction they solicit on doesn't get paid until you get paid. Our payment processor (Stripe) keeps $0.30 plus 2.9% of each transaction. receives 5% of each transaction.

  • How can I record my conversation show to YouTube?

    1. First, you must verify your YouTube account. To verify your account, sign into YouTube and click on the icon. Select "Go live".
    2. Once in the Creator Studio, click on the blue "Get started" button.
    3. NOTE: After 24 hours, your account will be verified. Once your account is verified, you may proceed to step 3.

    4. Get the stream key from YouTube. In your Creator Studio, click on the Conversation tab and scroll down to the botton of the page. Click "Reveal" to access the stream name/key. Copy the key.
    5. Once you are ready to record, go to and click on "Join Conversation". While looking at the viewer, open the "More actions" menu by clicking the three dots on the bottom right of the viewer and select "Start Conversation BETA". You will need to enter your YouTube key the first time you record

    6. Tip - Set "People join with camera disabled" as default to give viewers the option of turning their webcam on and being on screen, or not being seen and viewing only.

How is different than Kickstarter or Patreon?
  • Hosting live conversations gets your fans engaged on your page where your Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed.
  • You can sell downloads directly from
  • There are conversations that you can participate in that will inform you about people who are doing great things for society and how you can support them.

  • How is different than Zoom or Google Hangouts?
  • Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed right next to your conversation.
  • There's a schedule of shows on the home page so the public can join your conversation.
  • You can sell downloads directly from

  • How is different than Facebook live?
  • Instead of talking at the internet for a monologue, you have a conversation with other participants.
  • There's a schedule of shows on the home page so other people's friends and fans can browse what conversations are coming up.
  • Rewards and Donation buttons are displayed right next to your conversation.
  • You can sell downloads directly from

  • How is different than Twitch?
  • Silly wabbit, Twitch is for Kids! We expect will be the go-to social platform for the 40+ crowd and highly-educated younger adults.
  • Twitch has great content for gamers. is for intellectual & philanthropic topics.

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