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I will write a tip of the week on your facebook wall or in a tweet to you every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks. Please state whether you'd prefer a f... more
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We'll write a 30-line story together on your Facebook wall or your latest Instagram picture

I will write a the first sentence of a story on your facebook wall or latest instagram photo. You write the second line. I'll write the third and w... more
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Patrons Only behind the scenes Secrets

I'll email you my Patrons Only news blog that contains Secrets about what happened this month behind the scenes in the con we are working on and th... more
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Become a character in a brand new world!

Become a character in the brand new creature story world we are creating as a back story to support a brand new con. The $2500 that we are asking i... more
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Penny LeLeux's Live Show

Instructions for recording to YouTube

  1. Click the button in the lower right bar of the viewer above.
  2. Click 'Start live stream [BETA].'
  3. Sign in with Google.
  4. Enter your YouTube key (can be found at the bottom of your YouTube Live Dashboard .